At Boğaziçi University, students evaluate the courses they take every semester. After logging onto OBIKAS (the Student Information and Registration System) with their username and password, students assess their learning experience in each of the course they took that semester by responding to a questionnaire. The questionnaire becomes accessible toward the end of each semester for three weeks, prior to the beginning of final exams. Faculty members and relevant administrative staff are notified of questionnaire results each semester, after the grading period ends.

The course evaluation questionnaire provides faculty members and the relevant academic unit feedback on how students perceive the design, requirements, and workload of the course, and whether the course material was covered effectively. Student perceptions play a vital role in course development, and as we would like to make sure your views are used more extensively and effectively, a high level of participation is critical. We would like to ask you all to please take part in course evaluations.

Your responses to the questionnaire and your views are very valuable to us!